Moving Towards the Roar

The LORD himself goes before you…(Dt 31:8).

Not too long ago I was feeling a bit ambitious while driving. There was a pretty deep layer of snow covering a driveway that I needed to pull into. The driveway was steep too, so I knew that in order for me to get up the driveway with the deep snow and incline I’d have to go at it with greater acceleration than I would on any other day.

I put my foot on the gas and went for it. As you can imagine, my mental capacity for common sense flew out the window at the conception of my present plan. To me, it seemed like a great idea and the only way to make it up the driveway. It was actually kind of fun because when the front bumper of my car hit the snow the impact made my car shoot up the driveway like a lightning bolt bursting forth from the sky. Soon to my dismay after getting back into my car I noticed something didn’t seem right.

I had badly cracked and shattered the shield that sits underneath my car to protect the mechanical pieces there. Not to mention there was also a small crack in my bumper too.

Yes, that was dumb. Driveway 1, Heather 0.

Many of us plow ahead in our spiritual lives without counting the cost of our ill-advised and immature decisions. We see a solution, it’s our own great idea. Not God’s idea and we plow ahead. We’re soon to be left with shattered pieces and a cracked ego. When we come back down the mountain of our own provision we must make right what we have chosen in our own foolishness through repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

My Senior Pastor made a great analogy on Sunday. He said that when lions hunt the male makes an earth-shattering terrifying roar to keep its prey from moving forward. The prey turns and flees, but little do they know the female lioness awaits them to attack and kill. He said it is better for us to move towards the roar.


If it’s true that God goes before us, then we must abide with Jesus to know His plan. We must be willing to trust Him even when the enemy roars to keep us off the path God has for us. We must be willing to cry out and call out to the Lord to guide our steps. Is it possible to do this without seeking the face of God? I do not believe it is. Is it possible to understand and know which path to take if we are not sitting in quietness before the Lord? I don’t think so.

As I have been spending time with God daily in the mornings now for quite some time I have noticed something changing my own heart. There is greater peace there. I am not as anxious or worried.

Had I taken but a moment to think through my plan and wait patiently for wisdom I would not have shot up that steep driveway. Many of us, in our own mental anxieties, cannot wait upon God, because our struggles against worry and the pressures of our personal anxieties press us away from grace and into the mode of self-sufficiency.

Let God plow the path ahead of you. Sometimes, we must wait for the master to do His work, but once He has- walk in it. Even if it moves you towards the roar.

Jesus, I trust you. I long to walk in the provision of your mercy. Thank you that you go before me. Thank you that I do not have to fear. Thank you that you are a loving and mighty God. Guide me along your paths of peace and wisdom, in Jesus name, Amen!

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