Heed the Warning Signs

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty….(Pr 27:12).

Years ago I was headed to the gym on an extremely cold and blustery winter morning. I had a few minutes to spare before the class I was going to take at the gym started so I decided to swing by the bank to get a roll of quarters so I could do laundry later that day. As I pulled into the bank, I thought to myself, “I would so much rather go inside the bank and talk to a person instead of going through the drive-up.” Since I had already made my way into the drive up lane I quickly changed my plans and made my way around the back of the bank to circle back to the front.
As I whipped around the backside of the bank I noticed a sign that said, “DO NOT ENTER.” Surely, this sign wasn’t meant for me? It was probably just a one way or something and at this early, in the morning no one would be meeting me coming the opposite direction and so I disregarded the warning sign and continued on my way.
About 1.5 seconds later I quickly regretted my foolish decision.
My car comes to a halting stop. Uncertain of what actually happened, but knowing it wasn’t good I climb out of my car only to notice that it is suspended in the air on top of a concrete block that is keeping my car from cascading into a ten foot drop off.
(not my actual accident)
This is why you’re not supposed to pull around the back of the bank, but I didn’t heed the warning signs. I ignored them. As you can imagine the cost to fix my car was pricey. There is always a great cost we pay when we do not heed the warning signs.
Sometimes it’s that nudge we feel in our Spirit or that sense of discomfort deep in our souls. God sends up warning signs like shooting stars, but we ignore them because we believe we know better. Sometimes when we’re walking a path of the destruction, we become blinded to the foreboding feelings sent to us as God’s grace for our protection. Our own flesh revs into overdrive as we plow forward pursuing our own, unhealthy, dishonest gain.
When we ignore the nudgings of the Spirits. We heed not the premonitions of God’s grace, but our own foolish, wayward hearts. The foolish hearts always wins out when it is led by fear, anxiety, pride and the like. In our stubborn rebellion, we find within our lives chaos and not peace. It’s not because God doesn’t offer it, it’s because we have chosen to walk our own path, separate from His will.
The good news is that within the grace of God remains the love and forgiveness of a Savior whose grace never runs dry. God is immensely patient. He pardons those who come to Him in repentance.
Oh Lord, pardon me with your grace if I have been ignoring warning signs in my life! Jesus, make me new!
Father, you are good. I can be foolish. Help me to see your warning signs as your grace in my life. Jesus, I want to walk fully and freely in your love. If anything is trying to steal my joy and life in you I want to surrender it to you. Jesus, I trust you. You are so good, Amen!

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