Ask for Wisdom

I will give you a wise and discerning heart…(1 Ki 3:12).

Have you ever lacked the humility to ask for help? I have. Have you ever believed that asking for help showed a sign of weakness? I have. Have you ever lived with the fear that if people saw your weaknesses they would consider you replaceable? I have. Have you ever been jealous of the gifts of others, wishing you had their gifts and their platform? I have.

In 1 Kings 3, Solomon goes before the Lord in humility. He expresses his need for God’s grace and guidance in his life to lead and govern the nation of Israel. He recognizes that in his youth, he is incapable of leading well without God’s wisdom guiding him.


God honors the humble state of Solomon and grants him his deep desire for wisdom and discernment. He blesses Solomon for his willingness to come before the mercy of God with a heart that is willing to showcase its weaknesses so that God’s power might now be put on display.

I have spent a number of years trying to hide my weaknesses. For many years I believed that delegating certain responsibilities meant that I was an incapable leader. People would surely see that there must be someone better than me to lead this thing. At the root of these thoughts lie deep pride and insecurity. We often live our lives hoping people will think we’re great, so we have a hard time admitting our weaknesses. We get defensive. We don’t bring our weaknesses into the light, because we fear them. We fear not being praised by people, so we shove them in the corner, hoping no one will notice.

However, the best kinds of leaders are those who surround themselves with people more gifted than them. Sure, you have your own strengths, but those are limited. Through humility, exceptional leaders invite even more exceptional people to fill in the gaps in the areas where they are weak. Doing this creates synergy, unity and a movement of the Spirit’s power. Whenever we feel threatened by the gifts of others it only reveals something in our heart that desperately needs to change.

Take heed if you have a hard time praising the gifts of others. This reveals something about your heart that is leading you down a jealous path of destruction. God resides in the places of community. Where the body of Christ lives without a covetous heart towards one another but instead rejoices in the gifts of one another. For the sake of the gospel of Christ and the for the killing of your own personal pride.

Jesus, I want to live with a heart of humility. I want my life to be centered on giving you praise and showcasing the gifts of others. Lord, I let pride and insecurity die in me so that your power might be put on display. Let your glory fall, not on me, but on your body, for your Kingdom, in Jesus name, Amen!

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