Facing Your Fears

What I feared has come upon me…. (Job 3:25).

Fear is a tool in the hand of the enemy to destroy our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith builds up our faith and our belief in God, while fear tears down our ability to move forward with Jesus.
What we need is not more emotional support or crying tears. We need to take up our cross and follow the Lord Jesus with courage towards Golgotha. As Jesus walked the road to HIs death His Father brought victory and new life. Many of us refuse to walk the road that brings us to our greatest fears because we cannot stand the thought of being met with our greatest trepidations. However, when we do, the courage of Christ fills our hearts. It’s His love that goes before us and there, in our greatest fears, as we take up courage, something inside of us dies. God births new life in us. It’s greater faith, a stronger belief and a deeper trust that grows within our hearts. Fear dies, and faith rises up in Jesus name.
When we wrap our minds with fear, it’s message suffocates our souls. It says, “things will never change!” “What’s the use!” “Why go there?” “Why have that conversation?” It’s not going to do you any good! When faith says, “be caught up in love, go in faith, take courage, stand strong and let God’s grace guide you.”
I learned a Hebrew word while spending time in Israel back in 2011. The word is “Hazak.” It means- take up courage, be strong. We wore shirts with the word on it and would daily encourage one another as we hiked throughout the desert in need of God’s Hazak.
There is not a day dilapidated in Hazak, but a lifetime can be wasted in fear. Fear is a generational tool, a trap for the heart of any Christian who desires to walk by faith. I see fear in my own heart. It keeps me from having that conversation I should have. It keeps me from trusting God with the results. It pits lies into my heart for the benefit of the destruction of my faith.
I will not fear today. Today, I will choose to face them, with courage. Courage is necessary for every Christian. Without courage, we will surely fall into the lies of the enemy and be forever espoused with their demolition.
Concept of fearless
Lord, today I choose faith. I do not have to fear people, things or circumstances. I can trust you. Let my heart sing that truth over my deepest anxieties. For you are with me, you go behind and before me. Today God, I will choose to face one of my greatest fears, because I have your strength and grace that guide me. As I do this, fill my heart with grace, humility, and love, in Jesus name, Amen!

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