Going Back to Go Forward

For he wounds, but he also binds up…. (Job 5:18).

Be thankful when God corrects you. Although it may come at a cost if you keep your head low in humility His blessing will come in time. God is always in the business of making us new. There is not a day that goes by that He wants to waste for the purposes of our own hearts transformation.
Each new day is an opportunity to grow. Maybe something has to completely die in you before you can experience growth, but even as we die, we grow. A problem arises when our hearts fight the pruning process. Be thankful when God corrects you. It is because He loves you.
God has been working something out in me. Something that requires me to truly humble myself. Something that I didn’t want to do mostly out of fear and even some pride. Yesterday I made a phone call I didn’t want to make because prior to it I was afraid. I made a phone call that pride in my heart told me not to make.
I kept thinking to myself about what the true definition of courage is, “doing the right thing even when we’re afraid.” I want to be courageous for the Lord Jesus. I want to submit myself to God’s correction, even when it doesn’t make sense. As we do, He binds up and heals. He takes our wounds and places his salve of healing balm on them. Sometimes before we can go forward, we have to go back. Back to the time where we failed but never repented. Back to the time when we wronged someone, but never fully made it right.
God is taking me back. God will often do this, take us to the places of our fears, and failures. As He did with Peter, but it is not to shame us. It is for our restoration. It is to restore us to fullness. It is for our own personal growth and maturity as a Christian. It is for our freedom.
After making the call I felt a sense of freedom in my heart. Freedom from the devil’s voice of deception. The freedom that released my heart to start moving forward with God towards the place of redemption.
Many of us can never quite move forward with God because there are things in our past that we have never made right. We fear to make them right, because of what if’s. We cannot humble ourselves because we only see the wrong done to us. Most likely, there is a part we played in the equation. Albeit small, it is still a part we played. Even if the wrong was done to you feels greater than your own personal sin in the matter it makes no difference. You must repent. You must go back before you can go forward, in Jesus name.
Father, thank you for your correction. Thank you that you are making me new. Thank you for your great love for me. Thank you that you bind up the brokenhearted. Thank you that you set our feet on a level plan. a high mountain, a spacious play full of your joy and victory. Thank you, God, that you make all things new. I trust you, you are so good, in Jesus name, Amen!

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