Facing Goliath

When the Philistines saw that their hero was dead, they turned and ran…(1 Sa 17:51).

What or who was the hero of the Philistine army? We could say it was a 9-foot giant, but I believe their hero was fear. Goliath was a mere man, a scary, big intimidating giant nonetheless, but he was in essence just a man. What kept Israel from practicing faith was their fear of him.
They saw only the giant. They saw what only their fear allowed them to see. They operated out of a place of unbelief as the giant wielded his piercing deceptive words at their hearts. They drank them in like poison to their souls and destruction to their belief and faith in Almighty God.
I have some Goliath’s I’m currently facing in my life. Their deceptive words have kept me stuck in a state of unbelief and fear for quite some time. Sadly, the hero of my faith has not always been Jesus, because I have bowed it to fear. Fear is no hero at all. Fear is a destroyer of faith. It holds no deliverance for people like me who want to live and walk in freedom with the Lord Jesus.
David was a man who lived without fear. He didn’t see the giant, but, instead saw what God could do. Many of us never take real risks with God, because we see only the present moment or something that has happened in our past.
Goliath meets us each morning to defy the living God within our hearts and silence our faith. However, we must remember that his defiance is a lie. It is a tool of deception sent from the very pit of hell. His words of deception have been sent to destroy our belief and faith in the living God. A 9-foot giant doesn’t stand a chance in front of the living God.
We must remember that as Christian we are not defined by our stature or the strength of our own hands. We are, however, very much defined by the strength of the living God whose weapons satan cannot stand against. When Goliath comes to meet us throughout the day, we must meet him on the battle lines, with great courage, understanding that the battle has already been won! That Jesus Christ reigns victorious! That at the power of His word there is life and peace that remains for us, in Jesus name! Victory is ours if we would take up the word of God to wield at our enemy. When we stand upon truth, Goliath is defeated and faith in our lives wins out! We grow as individuals when we face our fears and practice faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Lord, today I will slay Goliath. I will slay my fears because in you I have hope! In your I AM victorious! In you, I can take captive every thought and make it obedient to you! In you I am not defeated, I am a victor in Jesus name! Amen!

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