God’s Healing Hand: Stop Plowing Through

in quietness and trust is your strength…(Is 30:15).

To my own admission, I do not like resting, sitting or inactivity. I have believed the lie that tells me if I am inactive- I am unproductive. However, as we practice active rest God can start to grow new life in us.  As we rest with God in the stillness of His solace His activity starts to rise up in us. Could it be that God wants to take us somewhere new, but our constant striving keeps us from experiencing His healing hand?


When I was a child I spent hours each week playing sports. There were a number of occasions when I would get hurt or slightly injured. Instead of resting, I would keep pressing forward. I would pretend as if the pain wasn’t there and just keep pushing through it. When I got into college this got me into big trouble. I got sidelined from developing tendinitis in my elbow making it so that I couldn’t even raise my arm above my head without excruciating pain. You’d think I would have rested my arm for the number of weeks ascribed by the doctor, but I did not. For a number of years after that, the tendinitis would flare up in my arm because I never gave my arm proper rest. I never let it fully heal.

Some of us are or have experienced deep pain in our lives. Instead of allowing ourselves the necessary rest for healing we just keep plowing through and we never quite fully heal. We live with emotional baggage because we buried our anguish and just kept pushing forward.

Could it be that God wants to take us to a new level of faith, but our pain is blocking our ability to see His hand of mercy, lifting us up from the pit? Could it be the reason you never feel happy, always feel frazzled and live with deep anguish and pain in your soul is that you just kept plowing forward? We become exhausted, but we keep pushing forward when the Father says, “sit with me for a while and rest in the comfort of my healing hand.”

God is thrusting me into a place of rest and healing. I am realizing that my old ways of pushing through and plowing forward just aren’t going to work this time around. God isn’t allowing for it. I have never been very good at resting, but I am learning, finally, that I must. I must submit myself to a season of rest and healing. It is for my good and it is for God’s glory.

Maybe you’re like me, plowing through one injury after another, never quite fully healing, but believing that because you’ve healed some, you’re good enough to go. Admitting we’re in need of a little more healing is humbling, but it is a good place for us to be. It’s there, in the healing hands of our Father that we find new life, new joy and a renewed heart and mind for His glory.

Lord, thank you for this season of healing. Thank you for your love that guides me. Thank you that I do not have to keep pressing forward. Thank you that I can wait with you in the stillness. Lord, fill my cup and strengthen my heart for your namesake. You are a good and mighty God who fills my life love, joy, and unending peace. Thank you that I am not defined by what I do, but who I am, in Jesus name, Amen!

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