A Sin Prompted Tongue

Your sin prompts your mouth;….(Job 15:5).

James calls the tongue a restless evil. As Christians, it is far too easy to allow our tongues to be led by the deep sins of our hearts. This happens when we are speaking or when we remain silent when we should be speaking. Fear and pride rule the heart. Our tongues become governed not by faith, but our own insecurities.


Yesterday I had a job interview where the woman interviewing me made an extremely truthful yet simple statement. She said, “communication is everything.” I couldn’t agree with her more. The problem arises when our communication becomes governed by our sin and not by the freedom of our faith found in the grace of God.

God is taking me on a journey. It’s in those places where my fears are being pressed and my faith is being shaken. I see and recognize thoughts not of God springing up in my heart. I have not always taken them captive quickly. Only dragging my heart away from grace and towards things like resentment and anger.

Anger shuts down communication. Insecurity informs our mouths in ways that are purely selfish. Pride puffs up the heart so the only persons’ needs we see is our own.

Faith and love break down walls of anger. Faith and love build up what fear, pride, and insecurity have torn down. Faith and love are the remedies to a mouth directed by sin. We cannot be free from sin until we are willing to believe something different and practice it by faith. Nor can our mouths to be free to speak in love and truth until our hearts are right with God through faith.

Whatever we have conceived God to be like will be what our mouths will speak when our pride, fears, and insecurities are pressed. The freeing of our mouths doesn’t come through just trying harder to speak differently but to start believing something about God that is true of Him. Things our pride and fear have kept us from believing. Things our own hearts have clung to that are worthless idols sent to steal, kill and destroy our faith, which in turn destroys our ability to love others well and be as the sweet aroma of Christ to them.

Lord, I confess within my own heart deep insecurities and fears that want to destroy my faith and damage my relationships. I do not want to entertain any thoughts, not of you. I want to live in freedom. I want t stand on faith. I want to love others with a love that is free from the sins of my own mouth. Lord, make me more like you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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