What To Do When People Hurt You

Even now my witness is in heaven….(Job 16:19).

Have you ever felt deeply wronged? Maybe some deep injustice has happened to you. Maybe you’ve been wrongfully accused, abused or mistreated.
Our initial response might be to find justice for ourselves, making sure everyone knows of our plight. We feel so wronged that our only thought is to make sure everyone is aware of it, but in the end, this accomplishes very little. In fact, many times it works to our detriment. We find within our lives wrecked and ruined relationships, because of our unwillingness to entrust ourselves and the wrong done to us to Almighty God.
People in life will always fail us and we will fail others too. What we must decide is this, how will we treat people when we have been treated wrong? What will we do with our hurt, pain, and anger? What type of response will we have? Because if we believe God is good then we have a witness who sees all in heaven. We may often wonder what God is up to, why He allows for such injustice to take place. Yet, we can trust in His sovereignty over our lives to bring justice to our situations if we would submit ourselves to His joy and find our purpose in being a child of God.
If you take the route of blasting someone’s name you have taken the route of a coward. If they are not part of the solution they only exacerbate the problem and do not need to be informed. God also sees how you are responding and there are consequences for such immature behavior. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone through my Facebook feed only to find yet another person blasting someone on Facebook either directly, or indirectly. We love to talk about someone else’s faults, but we rarely consider our own. We wonder why we have such relational stress when the reason could be because we have not understood what it means to let go of our situations and entrust them to God.
Sometimes the best place we can find ourselves is in our prayer closet, with our head bowed low before our maker, entrusting our hurt and pain to Him. Now, if a wrong has been done to you that requires the authorities to be involved, please do not stay silent about that. Please speak up and get the help and justice that is required. Be careful though, not to hold onto your pain and let the one who has hurt you become a stitch in your side for the rest of your life. Do not give them that power. Let God handle it and find joy in knowing that He is working all things together for His good.
Lord, you are sovereign and I trust you. I have everything that I need in you. I know that I don’t always get it right and sometimes I feel like I’m only getting it wrong. Sometimes I have a hard time seeing the bigger picture. Sometimes I get weighed down with the hurt and pain of the moment, but I have an advocate who is on high, the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord, you are my witness and I trust you, in Jesus name, Amen!

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