Life with God: A Continual Feast

Blessed is the one who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God.”…. (Lk 14:15).

Years ago, a friend of mine said to me, “Heather, life with God is a continual feast.” At that time in my life, her words did not ring true to my soul. Truly, my soul felt empty, dry and angry. Life was not a feast, it was certainly an unfair famine. At least, that’s what I believed within my heart. My perspective on life was bitter. Resentment had become a close friend and there was no feast to be had for me within my heart.


The table of God’s provision we see before us has everything to do with our perspective on life. One person sees a beautiful bounty of God’s love because their heart trusts the Father, even the in the midst of trying circumstances. Another sees a famine, an empty table, and an unfair God. Their heart says to God, “you are not good, in fact, you are mean, spiteful and unfair, how could you do something like this to me?” This is when people start to adopt the erroneous theology of believing they need to “forgive God.” This perspective only means we have grossly misunderstood God. Forgiving God is a blasphemous theology that we must do away with. God needs no forgiving. Believing so only reveals what lies deep within our hearts- the inability to trust whatever comes from the hand of a loving Father.

My nephew loves to hand things back to me. He’ll say, “take back,” then hand me some random piece of just about anything you might imagine. I’ve got to be honest. I love getting handed the most random things from him. They are a great joy to me because I take great delight in the hand giving them to me.

What if we had the same perspective with God? What if we loved Him so much that we received whatever He gave us with joy? The cancer diagnosis, marital struggles, relational strife, the loss of a job, or the dying of a dream? What if we saw these all as a gift from God to make us more like Jesus? I’m not saying we should desire those things, put them on the top of our prayer list and be overwhelmed with gladness by them, truly, they are all heartbreaking realities. Some realities we will mourn for the rest of our lives and the Father’s love will meet us there in our grieving if we allow Him to love us in the places of our brokenness.

The Father is in the business of transforming our hearts and sometimes the best thing the Father can hand us is brokenness so that we might be made new. Peace is found in letting go. It’s found in seeing and believing in the goodness of the Father in the midst of a cancer diagnosis. It’s allowing your heart to grow deeper with God in places of humility in the midst of relational strife.

Sometimes I think what God hands us is not the victory lap, but a mirror. A mirror to see our sin. Without it, we would never see the depth of our own deception. When God doesn’t give you what you want it’s not because He doesn’t love you. It’s because He loves you. Sometimes my nephew asks for things that wouldn’t be good for him. Since I can see what he can’t I choose not to give him what he always wants in order to protect him. God is the same. Let us rejoice in Him that He doesn’t always give us what we want.

Truly, life is a continual feast with God. It is all about our perspective. It’s all a choice. A choice to delight in the hand that is providing for us. Today I choose joy in knowing that the Father loves me. Today I will feast from the hand of His provision, because He is good and I can trust Him, in Jesus name, Amen.

Lord, you see our hearts. You are in the business of making them new. Forgive me, Father, when I stray into believing things about you that are wrong. Lord, sometimes life is really hard. You see that. You don’t expect us to not grieve or mourn certain realities in life. As we grieve with you, you fill our hearts with peace. Lord, I surrender, because I long to take great delight in the provision of your hand, in Jesus name, Amen!

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