Rejected, Received and Held Close

the LORD will receive me….(Ps 27:10).

When I was a child my dad taught me how to catch and throw a football. He said to me, “Heather after you catch the ball you’ve got to tuck it in close to your side so you can run with the ball safely protected.” Dad and I would practice this over and over again. Each time I’d do my best to practice what my Father taught me and tuck the ball in close to my side.
This too is how the Father receives us. He welcomes us, into His arms of love and tucks us in close to His heart. This is good news for the heart that feels too messy to be received with love.
It is a devastating reality to be rejected by someone. To have them fumble you and toss you away because quite frankly, they just want nothing to do with you. I think it’s because having you close to their heart reveals something about their own heart that needs to change and they’re just not ready to go there yet. It’s quite possible that the discomfort they feel in having you close has nothing to do with who you are, but everything to do with who they have not yet become.
When we are rejected by someone we take it personally. We think there must be a flaw in our personhood or character. When in reality, the issue lies within the heart of the individual who refuses to receive us.
Truly, God receives us in all our messiness. He receives us just as we are as we come to Him in humility. He welcomes us in all our brokenness and imperfections with unending joy. This is the beauty of the gospel.
Sadly, the extension of God’s love and acceptance stymies within the hearts of His people when they refuse to receive others with the same kind of love. This is one of the deepest tragedies in the church. The inability to receive someone with the same kind of love the Father has for his children.
If you have been rejected and put out by someone be reminded that God holds you close. He tucks you in next to His heart. He protects you and shields you from any opposition that might try to snatch you from His hand. Do not let the voices of defeat, discouragement, and despair intercept you into a place of self-loathing. Be reminded that as your own heart changes you will have a deeper capacity to love others. Don’t take it personally when someone doesn’t receive you, but instead, pray for their own heart to change and grow through the love of God.
Father, thank you that you hold me close. Thank you for your great love. You are truly a good and loving Father. I have such JOY in your embrace. You love me, that is enough. I will face rejection in this life but help me to see you in the midst of it. You always hold me close, even when my life gets messy. Lord, thank you. I am your beloved, in Jesus name, Amen.

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