Drink in His Love

The law of the LORD is perfect, refreshing the soul….. (Ps 19:7).

My husband likes to pick on me from time to time for how I drink water. The reason being is because I don’t really know how to take small sips of water. Usually, I’ll down half of the bottle in one drink. After chugging if down like I’ve just run a marathon I’ll let out a big, refreshing, “AHHHHHH.” I’m sure for others watching it really is quite comical. I’ve just never known another way to drink.
What if we started drinking in the word of God with the same kind of approach? Would our souls finally be quenched? Would we experience for the first time, true, deep, satisfaction in our lives? I think so.
As I look around, I see many people, myself included who struggle with deep insecurities and bondage. For example, a weight problem is not an outward problem, it is a deeply embedded inward issue. There is no shame in that and you don’t have to be overweight to have a weight issue. I’ve had weight issues of my own of the opposite nature that only revealed a deep heart problem within me of fear and insecurity.
Many of us, instead of running to the Lord’s refreshing fill our lives with an excess of food, or in my case; exercise. We may run to things like success, sex, money, and an overabundance of friends to fill our hearts. Yet, the soul will never be truly refreshed without the Lord. The heart doesn’t need another diet program. The heart needs the Lord and His love to fill it instead.
Research is showing that people are more lonely than ever before. Why? Could it be because social media has only perpetuated the draw to live a life of excess and superficiality? I think so. The outward appearances of people can be deceptive to the heart, but God’s word is refreshing to the soul of a person.
What the soul needs is God. To drink deeply and daily from His word. It is only then when we find true, lasting satisfaction for our souls. Drink in God’s love for you. Take a few big gulps and be refreshed in His love for you today, in Jesus name.
Lord, I long to drink of your word. I cannot make it through the day without it. I am too much of a mess without our goodness guiding me. Thank you that you love me for who I am today, even when I don’t always get it right. Lord, I pray that the fullness of my life would be out of the overflow of what you have poured into me, in Jesus name, Amen!

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