Injustice, Bitterness and The Righteous Judge

“I’ve been told all about what you have done for your mother-in-law…. (Ruth 2:11).

I have dealt with my fair share of injustices done to me in my life. Therefore, I know you have too. My heart is quick to demand justice for myself, instead of entrusting myself to the good and righteous law-giver. There are times when I feel anger and resentment start to store up in my heart towards someone else. This should come as a red flag in our hearts that we must deal with right away before it deals with us.

Recently God has been taking me on a journey. A journey towards freedom from demanding my own way for justice. He’s teaching me that justice doesn’t come to those who are seeking for it, but instead, it comes to those who would simply receive it.


When we receive God’s justice it comes on His terms in His way and for His ultimate glory in our life. When we feel wronged we want to do something about it. We do not want to wait for God’s justice and so we foolishly seek our own. This usually ends with a myriad of bombs being cast off in our life and we are left with a bigger mess than what we started with.

God is teaching me, “Heather, the greatest fruit I want to produce in you right now is not outward, it’s inward.” My heart wants to focus on the unfairness I feel, the deep injustice and my demand for it. Yet, I hear the Father saying, “Heather, let it go, and trust me. I’m changing you, I’m making you new.”

One of the most dangerous places any person can find themselves is in the place of bitterness. Bitterness is a cold anchor to the soul, weighing it down into places of deep oppression and joylessness. It comes upon those who demand their own justice. It seeks to destroy their joy in God because it is the antithesis of entrusting oneself to the wisdom and holiness of God.

God sees our hearts, and He will bless those who stay faithful to Him. Just as He did with Ruth’s life. You see, it was her character that shined forth. It was her trust in God that drew Boaz to her. In spite of deep despair and terrible circumstances, Ruth entrusted herself to God and her Godly character shined through. I wonder what other people see of you and how you hand difficult circumstances in your life, would they say the same of you?

There is a beautiful picture of redemption God will paint in our lives if we are willing to sit still and allow Him to do it. As the Father strokes His brush He removes things like hatred, bitterness, resentment, and anger from our lives and replaces it with love, goodness, contentment, and joy. Only when we submit ourselves to the just and righteous Father can we find freedom from our demands for justice. God will have his way and He will not allow pride to live long in the human heart without consequences. You may never see those consequences and that’s ok. It’s ok to not know. It’s ok to sit and wait silently for the Lord.

There are many people who cannot move forward because they’re still mad about the past or something that was done to them. Then, there are others who have entrusted themselves to the love of the Father, the good and righteous judge who is bringing fruit from every disaster and unrighteousness done in their life. They are the people you look at and wonder how they could ever have so much joy. There is a lesson they have learned that I am learning too. Justice is not found in demanding for it, but in simply; receiving it, on God’s terms, not my own.

Lord, today I receive your justice and goodness in my life. I will not demand it. I will not seek my own way. I will entrust my whole heart and life to you. For every moment I have felt wronged, mistreated or abandoned I will give you praise because you are working all things together for my good. You are redeeming all those things. Thank you that I can trust you. Thank you that I can wait quietly for you, knowing that your love for me is so good, in Jesus name, Amen.


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