Outward Success, Inward Transformation and Getting Alone with God

All the people of my town know that you are a woman of noble character….(Ruth 3:11).
I have a problem. Nearly all of my life, I have found my worth in what I do and what I can accomplish. I have a long list of personal accomplishments and successes that I have wrongfully found my worth and value in. Now, the Father is putting me in a place where He’s stripping me of all those things I have wrongfully held dear.
We all want to be known for something. When I was a child I wanted to be known for my athletic ability. Then, when I was a teenager I wanted to be known as beautiful. After that, I wanted to be known as someone who had their life together. At the depth of all of my desires has been a life driven by outward appearances.
There is a drive within the human heart to be affirmed through our many outward accomplishments and appearances. Each day, as I get up to go to my new job, I am reminded that all those things that I accomplished up until now have very little to do with that place I am in. It is a very humbling spot for me to be. My former career success, a masters degree, and list of previous accomplishments have nothing to do with the place God has currently taken me. My heart sometimes says, “What’s up with that?” I hear God saying, “It is your character I care more about Heather. Don’t you see, I don’t care what others think about you or see. I’m taking you to a place where only I see you.”
There is no platform for me, no place where I can “shine” for others to see. This is a good place for me to be. I am in the place where only my Heavenly Father sees me. I sense that He’s trying to get me alone with Him. Away from the busyness of life and ministry because He wants to teach me something I’ve never known before.
Sometimes the best place we can find ourselves is not the synagogue where we are seen by others, but the garden tomb, where only our Father sees us. It’s there, in the tomb, as we die personal deaths that the Father raises us up to new life. It’s our hearts He cares most about, not what we do for Him.
I see my heart growing. I see it becoming new and filling with a deep abiding trust for my Heavenly Father. I am in no place to receive the praise of man. I am only in a place where I can be a servant to others. I have nothing to show that might offer any outward success for myself. I have a nametag that says, “trainee.” Yet, I have a Father who sees me and calls me His own. Truly, my identity is found in Him. What would happen if God would strip you of the titles you hold most dear? Would you still have happiness in Him? Would you find joy in knowing that you are His?
I long to sit in silence with my Father. In a place where it is only me and Him. The place where His love surrounds me, not because I’ve done things for Him, but simply because I am His child.
Thank you, Father, that you are making me new. Thank you that it is my character that you care most about. Thank you that I do not have to fear what tomorrow brings or walk in shame over this present season. Truly, I am a child of God. When I fill drinks, take orders, clean tables, scrub floors and make shakes may it all be for your glory. Thank you for taking me to the place where only you see me. The place where you’re teaching me that my worth isn’t found in what I do, but who I am in you, Amen.

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