The Heavy Weight of Shame and the Chain Breaker

What about me? Where could I get rid of my disgrace?… (2 Sa 13:13).

Shame is a terrible tool in the hands of the enemy. I have carried the shame of rejection, abuse, worthlessness, feeling stupid and believing I wasn’t good enough. All of these things put me in places of feeling like a total failure as a human being. I would walk around carrying them as if they were my burden to shoulder. They are not our burdens to carry. Until we let go of our shame it will walk with us in life, seeking to keep us from the freedom we have in Christ.
At the depth of shame is a lie. It’s a lie that says, “You’re a failure to people.” Shame whispers things into our hearts never said by anyone, but what we believe they think or feel based upon how we are currently viewing ourselves in our shame. It could be that someone has spoken something into our life that hurts us deeply too. It could be that their words compound upon our shame.
With each message of shame that pits within our lives comes another layer of our heart we must hide. I have seen people cover shame with a fake smile, a brand new car or a hot new boyfriend. I know this to be true because I have lived there. I’ve lived in the places of trying to convince myself that I’m OK. The place where I try to ease my shame with something external. This only covers us for a moment. Eventually, the excitement of something new will wear out and we are left with the heavy weight of our shame that causes destruction in our lives.
Some people believe they are a second-class citizen’s in the Kingdom of God because of the things that have happened in their life. Sometimes we wrongfully speak that message into their hearts. Lord forgive us, we do not understand grace.
I picture a heart wrapped in a cloud of shame. Shame darkens the heart. It keeps the heart from living fully and freely. It convinces you that keeping our heart hidden behind that cloud of shame is safer, that way others won’t hurt you too.
Can I just say that my God is a chain breaker? He came to set the captives free and release us from places of deep bondage over shame. He longs for us to run freely in His love. If you carry the shame of a divorce, abuse, financial failure, or any other weight the enemy has tried to burden you with, please know that God loves you. He is not done with you. You may be experiencing some consequences of your decisions, but do not carry shame with you any longer. Lay it down at the feet of Jesus. He came to bear our burdens so that we didn’t have to. It’s His love that carries. us. Won’t you let Him love you today and set you free from your shame?
Lord, thank you that we are not products of our failures or past mistakes. Thank you that we do not have to be defined by the wrong done to us or the wrong we have done to others. Set our hearts free from shame. Set us up in a spacious place surrounded by your love. Thank you for taking our sins and our shame. May we run in your freedom today, in Jesus name, Amen!

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