Backseat Driver

These men lie in wait for their own blood;….(Proverbs 1:18).
Sometimes I’ll do this thing with my husband, “Um, is this the right road? Um, are you going a different way than before?” My husband just loves a backseat driver in the car with him (insert sarcasm here).
Many of us live as backseat drivers with God. We constantly question His motives and His intentions. Doing so only keeps us distracted from His will and the places He wants to take us. It’s not very much fun driving with a person who is always telling you where to go and doesn’t trust you to get there.
These types of attitudes only lead towards destruction. If we stay long enough in the place of backseat driver God eventually lets us sit in the driver’s seat for a bit. In the end, we always get lost. This leads us towards the bitter road of destruction, but sometimes, that’s what needed to happen in order for us to learn to truly trust Him.
Sin has those kinds of consequences for our lives. LIke the men in Proverbs who lay in wait for their own blood, we do the same when we follow the waywardness of our own understanding.
In my life, God had to humble me deeply in the area of my singleness. In fact, He did it twice, because I just didn’t get it the first time. Like a pig, I returned to wallowing in the mud. I kept trying to take over control. I think we’re all like that in some way. God humbles us once, but because we’ve held so fast to those comforts we go back just one more time or maybe many more until we finally side with God’s ways, relent of our own pride and learn to truly trust Him.
The second time is what really did me in. That’s when I gave up, and let go completely. That’s when I finally said, “Lord, I’m done with it. you take control.” God sees our hearts and He knows if the words of our mouths match up with the true meditations of our hearts.
Life is truly all about learning to let go. There is only one person who is powerful enough to sit in the driver’s seat of our lives and that’s Jesus. He’s mighty, strong to save, powerful, loving and TRUSTWORTHY. That is the kind of God we serve, so if you’re living in the driver’s seat today, be encouraged to give up the reigns of control and trust God with every aspect of your life. He’s waiting to bless you. He sees a great vision before and He’s taking you there, but you’ve got to trust Him.
Lord, you have a great vision for my life. I long to trust you so deeply that I live with true radical obedience. Make my life a blessing to everyone around me. Fill me with your love Jesus. Be the joy of my heart. Be the song of my life. Show me if I have not surrendered full control of any area of my life, because I want to live under your Lordship, in Jesus name, Amen.

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