A Non-Anxious Presence, A Christ-Centered​ Heart

and bring you peace and prosperity…..(Pr 3:2).

Yesterday at work, as usual, it got very busy during lunch. There was a line to the door and a slew of cars wrapped around the restaurant in the drive-thru. In these moments, I often feel a little anxious and hurried, trying to get through the line as quickly as possible so our guests don’t have to stand in line for a very long time.
Something came over me yesterday as a woman became overwhelmed by our busy atmosphere. I could tell by her anxiety that her experience was proving to not be a good one. At first, I was annoyed by her sharp responses, but then I realized what she really needed was a soft, quiet presence. She needed a place where she could allow her anxiety to come to a place of rest.
Moving forward I made the decision to be the softest, most gentle, warming and inviting presence I could think of for each person that came to my counter.
We all live in places of chaos from time to time. The cancer diagnosis, financial crisis, marriage problems, sickness, death, disease, you name it. We have all faced our fair share of devastating moments. If you haven’t yet, you will. I have learned, there is a place we can go that leads our hearts towards fullness and joy. There’s a place we can go with God in those moments that lead us away from chaos and into peace.
You see, in ancient Israel the promised land was everything. It was the place of Gods provision, safety, and blessing. It was the place Israel went for their daily bread. As long as Israel stayed in the promised land and followed the Lord, they were blessed. Whenever they left the promised land of God’s safety and security their lives became filled with chaos.
I believe one of the greatest evangelistic tools any Christian can offer is a still, quiet presence for any life overwhelmed by chaos and anxiety. You see, a life marked by such peace draws people into places of God’s abundance.
Leading people to the promised land first starts with taking their hand. To take someone’s hand we have to stay long enough to earn their trust. We must be willing to go with them into their chaos and offer a solution. Not with many words to fix their problems, but with a heart that is still, soft, and quiet, allowing God to speak into their lives through His presence in us.
Speak of the Lord’s goodness when the opportunity presents itself and be wise in all things, but don’t bring more anxiety into their present chaos by trying to fix all of their problems. Share the good news that Jesus rescues sinners, grab their hand and if they are willing, walk with them into the promised land of God’s peace.
Lord, let me be your still, loving, quiet presence to the world around me. I long to draw people to Jesus. I long for a heart so deeply at rest, that you are the only thing that shines through. Oh Lord, let my heart be so captured by you that your love runs so deep through me that it is like an overflowing river. Lord, be the truest thing about me. Come into my own places of anxiety and shine forth your presence, in Jesus name, Amen.

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