Sex, Power, Fear and The Freedom of God

another man’s wife preys on your very life…..(Proverbs 6:26).

Sin as a way of seeking to destroy the heart. Especially sexual sin. There is no sin that should be taken lightly, for truly, all of them have been set up to tear down our faith and keep our lives from God’s joy.

I have dealt with many teenagers caught in the trap of pornography. I have witnessed the devastating effects done to a person caught in a promiscuous lifestyle. There is something about sex that our culture craves that is purely debased and selfish. To most, sex becomes more about what they can get from it. It becomes a tool of power instead of a blessing. It preys on not just one life, but many, to the destruction of one heart after another.

I do not understand what it is like to be caught in a trap of sexual sin. I do, however, understand what it is like to be caught in other traps that lead my heart down similar paths of destruction. Each of us, with whatever journey we are walking, need to take very seriously that paths that rush our feet into sin.

The scriptures call us out to “abhor what is evil and hold fast to what is good.” (Romans 12:9) Is sex evil? No, of course not. Neither is food, exercise, or money. However, they can soon become evil if left in the hands of a heart not fully satisfied in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have a friend who once said to me, “Heather, sin is like an animal, if you feed it, it grows, but if you feed faith, sin starts to starve out and die.”

I do not think the answer to solving sexual sin or any other sin within our lives has to do with addressing the issue at hand and changing behavior. I do believe it is a deep heart issue. It’s a misunderstanding of unending joy and deep satisfaction. It’s a heart that has not grown away from selfishness and towards the bounty that is found in God’s deep love and joy. Our sinful behaviors are really masks that are covering up deeper issues. Issues like pride, control, fear, and insecurity. Until we deal fully with what lies underneath, our issues will keep resurfacing, manifesting themselves in different forms.


There are times when my heart starts to grow anxious. I find this happens to me in my life surrounding exercise. If I feel like I’m not exercising enough I get overly anxious and my mind starts to race with ways I can solve my dilemma, but you see, no amount of exercise can truly and eternally satisfy my thirsty soul. I understand that really what lies underneath my heart is issues of fear and control.

That’s why we have to keep going back for more. That’s why its never enough to look at porn just once, buy one fast car or eat only two pieces of pizza. It’s always a deep heart issue and until we find the deepest and most fulfilling hope for our hearts in the Lord Jesus we will always seek to satisfy our souls with emptiness found in our own personal vices.

Whatever has your heart that is not found in the love and grace and God, start starving it. Start feeding your faith. Don’t beat yourself up or believe that you are a total failure, because of it. There are grace and love for you. None of us, myself included, have it all together. There’s a journey we’re all on. The challenge is finding grace for ourselves on our way towards heaven. You can do this. You and I can overcome the sin that seeks to destroy our faith through repentance, humility, and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Truly, we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us.

Lord, heal our broken hearts. It’s not that we want to live in bondage, but because of our own personal brokenness, we do. We’re like David, rushing into sexual sin because we are not fully satisfied in you. We’re like Annanias and Saphirra whose hearts were captivated by money. Lord, forgive us. Change our hearts as we grow in you. Lord, be our eternal joy we pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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