A Tired Soul, A Renewed Heart, and A Gracious God.

“My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working…..(John 5:17).
Yesterday at work all I wanted was a five-minute break to rest my feet. My new job is very taxing on my body and so that little bit of rest was what I needed to make it through the rest of my shift. Thankfully, I got it, and I was able to keep moving through the rest of my shift with renewed energy.
If we could be honest, I think many of us are running about from one thing to the next, not doing any of them well, because we aren’t resting well in the Lord. We’re busy, but we’re not producing much love in our hearts because our hearts are being pulled so many directions.
Whatever we are doing, our hearts should always grow. They should never feel like they are being sucked dry. If we feel like this is the case we need to take a moment to evaluate how we’re spending our time. Our busy lives are creating chaos in our hearts. There’s no shame in that, but we must set up space for rest and rejuvenation with the Father if we’re going to thrive in the place we’re currently in.
I have gotten myself into a rhythm each morning. It is a rhythm of rest. A time of refreshment and renewal with the Father. It is a time where He and I meet and my heart feels at ease in His presence. I’m still working on living this out throughout the day. I don’t always rest well once the day gets going. Sometimes my heart feels overly anxious or worried. That’s when I have to enter back into the promised land of God’s rest, sitting with Him in His shade, for the stilling of my own heart and the growth of my own self.
I’ve been in that place of exhaustion, wanting to give up on nearly everything. It’s in those times when I’m not resting well in the Lord and things in my own heart start to fall apart as the lies of the enemy start to shout into my soul. Maybe for some of you, you feel like a total failure as a parent because you’re just exhausted and being pulled so many different directions. For others of you, you just want to throw in the towel and stop doing nearly everything, because you believe that you can never do anything right.
Can we just take a moment and get back to grace? Can we allow ourselves what we need most? The grace of God found in the spacious place of God’s abounding rest. It’s ok to say no sometimes to things if it’s only going to steal your joy in rest. It’s ok to set boundaries on your time. It’s ok to allow yourself the joy of living in God’s presence. You’ll find that you’ll be a better parent, spouse or co-worker because of it. I think some of us carry unnecessary guilt because we need to attend to our hearts, but we feel like if we start saying no to things we’re letting people down and are becoming an even bigger failure. That’s a lie. Attending to our hearts is a good thing and we have to stop being so concerned about what other people think about our lives and we need to start attending to our own souls.
The greatest work we can produce for God is not found in the place of punching the clock, but in filling our hearts with His love. You see, God is looking for workers who have found their joy in Him. As they do this, they spread His joy in whatever they find themselves doing. He’s not looking for people who are just running through life trying to keep their head above water to punch the clock and dart from one exhausting thing to the next. He longs to fill your heart with His love so that wherever He’s placed you, you can be the sweet aroma of Christ to everyone you meet.
Jesus, I want to be your sweet aroma. I want to be your love to the world. I want to create within my heart a place of rest so that I might share that love with the rest of the world. Lord, you are truly my joy and my hope. All I have is found in you. Be my source of rest today, that I might glorify your name in all things. In Jesus name, Amen!

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