Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands

For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. (Isaiah 41:13)

Probably one of the most destructive thoughts I have ever entertained is, “I can’t trust God will provide this desire of my heart, so I need to take matters into my own hands.” Maybe you’ve been there too, living in that tension with God, wrestling with Him in your own heart, believing the lie that He’s not going to pull through.
Don’t you see though, God desires to give good gifts to His children. The problem is that sometimes His children want gifts because their hearts are not content. For us to receive from God good things, we must first seek to clean out our hearts, purifying them before the Lord so that we might come before Him with minds purified by His grace. Sometimes what we want is birthed out of fear. Sometimes what we desire most is not actually what’s best for our lives, but what our discontent drives us to believe that we need most.
I believe the Christian life is more about learning how to die then it is how to receive. Yes, we receive good things from God, but until we die, our roots will never grow deep in His love and we will never receive God’s very best gifts. The fruit of our lives will never sprout up in the bounty of God’s provision, because we’ll keep spending all our money at the market, trying to buy fruit from someone else’s tree.
The truth is, God wants to plant fruit in our own hearts so that we might find joy in simply being His. As we go throughout our day we do not go reaching for fruit outside of us but within us. The fruit that has been planted within us through the Lord Jesus Christ. The most satisfying fruit that fills our longing hearts.
Lord, I want to be a fruitful vine for you. I want to be so satisfied with you that I need nothing more. Sometimes lies try to creep their way in to steal my joy in you. Oh Lord, I surrender and walk in your goodness today through the Lord Jesus! Thank you that your love and goodness dance over me through the resurrected son of God! Amen!

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