When God Brings Something Good From Our Pain

he gave up his spirit….(Matthew 27:50)

As Jesus hung on the cross He gave up His Spirit. Onlookers might have thought this was the end, but honestly, it was only the beginning. To many, it may have seemed that death had the final say, but truly, death was the doorway to deliverance and new life.
Some of us may be walking through a season of immense difficulty where we feel as though we are dying a million deaths over and over again. We cannot see the goodness of God because we only see the terror of death upon us on every side. However, there is something beyond the grave that gives new life to our souls if we would be willing to await the Father’s resurrection.
When I look inside my heart I see new life and God’s bounty there through the power of the Holy Spirit. The problem arises when I look outside myself, allowing my focus to draw from wells that want to steal my joy and victory in Christ. Empty wells that try to get me to focus on having someone else’s perceived good fortune.
There is a story God is trying to write on all of our hearts. It is the story of His love and the longer we seek to find joy in someone else’s story the longer will live without the resurrection power of Jesus over our situations. You see, God has been speaking to me recently, “Heather, I am redeeming this. I promise you, this will be more beautiful than you could ever dream if you would just be patient with me.”
Patience is not something I have excelled in throughout my life. However, I am finally fully convinced that God is trustworthy. I have been brought to such a deep place that I finally believe that His resurrection power is real for my life. Until we believe that for ourselves we’ll get angry at people, situations and ultimately- God. We’ll believe Him to be lacking in some way. We’ll take matters into our own hands. We will, in essence, try to become our own god.
As Jesus lay hidden in the grave for three days the Father was working something so glorious that to the eye it seemed impossible, but to God, all things are possible. God is not asking us to believe only in what we see but to trust in His divine ability to work in our lives behind the scenes. Truly, He is a good and loving God who longs to give good gifts to His children, redeeming their lives, bringing new life and resurrection from life’s darkest moments.
Lord, you are a good and loving Savior. You are my King. You are my joy. Send forth your resurrection power over our lives. We want to be like you. We believe because you are faithful. In Jesus name, Amen!

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