God in the Doorway, Received by Love, Releasing Expectations

Blessed are those who listen to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway…. (Proverbs 8:34).

The climax of nearly every wedding is the arrival of the bride. The crowd waits with anxious anticipation for when she will finally walk through the doorway and towards her groom. Her beauty is captivating, capturing the attention of the entire room. She comes with nothing but her beauty and her love. That is what her groom receives from her. That day, he comes not with expectations or a plan of what she needs to be for him. He simply receives her and her love for him.
God waits to pour out good gifts upon His children. He stands at the doorway, but we aren’t looking for Him. We’re looking to our bank accounts, 401k’s and the titles we hold. God longs, daily, to shower His love over us. To bless us with the glory of HIs presence and to simply receive us, not with any expectation of who we should be for Him, but with a love so great that it changes us into new and different people.
A problem arises when we look for God but do so with lofty, self-centered expectations. We anticipate Him bursting through the doorway with hands full of our expected blessings so that our current anxieties and worries might be eased. Yet, more often than not, God shows up at the doorway with hands empty, but a heart that is full. It’s from His heart we receive the most meaningful blessings.
You see, each day is a new day to find ourselves in the person of Jesus Christ. Would we truly be OK if Jesus showed up on the scene with nothing but His love to give us for that day? Would we truly be able to accept Him not coming with our expectations of how we want our prayer to be answered? What if we came without the money we’ve been praying for, the job we’ve hoped for, or the relationship we so desperately desire? Would He truly be enough for us that day or would we miss Him at the doorway and believe that He’s not listening to our prayers?
All of us want to become something, but I believe God’s greatest desire is not that we would become something, but that we would allow ourselves be received into something. That we would receive His love, forgiveness, grace, and joy. We’re so worried about building something of our lives and if we could be quite honest, it’s usually for the praise of other people that we miss out on simply receiving from God the joy of His presence and the power of His transformative love.
Lord, today I receive your love that dances over me. Today I receive your heart that is full of your love for me. Truly, that is enough for me today. It is enough for me to be found in your love. I come not with expectations of you, but simply to receive your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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