Desiring God, More Than What You Want

“That man is our close relative; he is one of our guardian-redeemers.”….. (Ruth 2:20).

Many of us are looking for God to fill our lives with redemption. However, the problem is, we are not looking for God, but only for our cups to be filled. You see, I have this idea in my mind of what redemption is supposed to look like. I’ll be honest, much of my time is often spent daydreaming about the way I believe God will fill my cup. The problem is, this distracts us from the one thing we need most in our lives- God.
Water pouring into glass and overflowing
It also puts us in a place where we find God to be lacking or insufficient, because He hasn’t filled our cup the way we expect Him to. It keeps us from living fully and freely in the present day for His glory because we’re not looking for God, but for what we hope to receive from Him.
You see, as Ruth was going about her own business, gleaning in the fields of Boaz, God brought redemption. Not because Ruth was looking for it, but because God loves to shower good gifts on His children. Now, Ruth could have come up with her own idea of what a husband was supposed to be for her and she very well could have missed Boaz, but she didn’t. She accepted the goof gift of God’s redemption and blessing over her life. Whenever we come up with our lists of how our lives are supposed to look, we have a hard time accepting the gift that God wants to give us, because our hearts and minds are full with our own expectations.
Can I just say, this is me? This is the place I’m currently living. I’m learning though, sometimes very, very slowly, how to release my expectations to the Father of truth. I am learning that sometimes redemption takes longer than what we’d hoped. I’m also learning that sometimes redemption is right at our fingertips, it’s just not what we want in the way we wanted it. When I learn how to receive from God I learn something very valuable. As I receive from God I take up the joy of knowing that I have a loving Father who sees my life and takes the brokenness of it to restore and redeem it for His namesake.
Lord, I release all of my expectations to you today. I thank you for your provision in my life. I thank you for making me new. Lord, shower your grace upon me today. I want to look for you, not for what I want you to give me. Jesus, you are enough for me. Thank you for loving me, a sinner, Amen.

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