Snuggling My Nephew, The Father’s Heart, and The Greatest Gift

The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.”….. (John 14:21).

As I was snuggling with my three-year-old nephew this morning a thought flashed across my mind. “It matters not what is wrapped up in our hands, but what we hold in our heart.” In those precious moments holding my nephew, I was giving him nothing but the love that I have for him stored up in my heart. Sure, I can gift him with a brand new toy, but the greatest gift I can give him is sacrificial love that comes from what God has stored up in my heart through the Holy Spirit.
me and gabe
I think what Jesus means when he says, “I will show myself to them,” is that He will show us His heart. The only way to know His heart is to sit with Him and allow His love to overwhelm us. We should never be looking for a handout from Jesus, but instead, quiet our hurried minds and hearts to find Him and HIs love for us in the stillness of rest.
I remember being held by my father and my mother. As they held me, my heart grew. Something happens when we hold another person. The love we have for them grows in their heart a deeper capacity to love and be loved. I believe what we need in our lives is not greater excess, but deeper love in our hearts. When my heart grows, my love for God increases and my ability to love others extends beyond myself and into their heart. As we give love to one another we show them the Father, because sacrificial, unconditional love does not come easy. It’s an aspect of the Father’s character that we can give to the hurting. It’s a part of us that we show can show to the world. It is the greatest extent of love we can give someone; a listening ear, a silent presence and a heart that is full of the love of God.
Lord, thank you that you love me. Today I want to sit in your embrace to be found by you and loved deeply by you. Grow our hearts for one another as we sit with each other in places of deep, abiding rest. Lord, we love you, show us more of yourself, in Jesus name, Amen.

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