The Song of Our Hearts

 And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning…. (John 15:27).

It is easy, as Christians to forget to tell of the wonderful deeds of the Lord. It is commonplace for most of us to tell of what He’s not doing, instead of letting our hearts sing of the mighty works He has done.
The disciples had much to testify about, for they had walked with Jesus, following all throughout the Judean countryside into cities, towns, and villages. They witnessed many miracles as they walked with Jesus. Their testimonies would be long and lengthy because their hearts became full of their experiences with God.
Could it be that our hearts are not full of stories to tell about God, because we do not experience Him? Instead of seeing the goodness of God, we see His hands empty and our hearts are left wanting. I have found when my own life gets into these places, it’s because I have held onto a lie in my heart. A lie that says I must have something, become something or do something. I have made my pursuit of whatever it is more important than my pursuit of God.
I am learning that the greatest stories I can tell for God are not ones that my fingers type or my mouth says, but the testimony that sings from my heart. My words are of little value if my heart does not first- sing of God’s greatness. If the song that sings from my heart is one of discontentment, anger or bitterness I have shouted a message to the world that Christ is of little significance in my life. It is the song of our hearts, birthed out of our experiences with God that draw people to His love. How can we be a lamp on a stand or a city on a hill if we are not first captivated by His love? How we will ever move from saved peopled to fully devoted follower without becoming someone deeply immersed in His love?
When the master calls you to follow, do not delay, but simply, trust. As the heart grows for God, our song deepens and our light shines brighter for the world to see the love of God made manifest in His people.
Lord, I am a kingdom worker for you. Thank you for using my life. I want to be of good cheer to the world for Christ. I long for my light to shine and my heart to sing of your love. Jesus, be my joy. Be the song that my heart sings. I do not want to live in discontentment, worry or fear. I want to live in deep, abiding trust, found only in your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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