Just Hold On

“I am about to die. But God will surely come to your aid and take you up out of this land to the land he promised… (Genesis 50:24).

Joseph stepped in to be the man God would use to help save and preserve Israel. God gave Joseph wisdom and insight and Joseph used this insight to save many lives. The people of Israel looked to Joseph and now Joseph is about to die. He reminds the people, “God will surely come to your aid.”
Can we all just have an honest moment with one another? It doesn’t always feel like God is coming to our aid. It’s easy to focus on how things aren’t ideal or what we wish we had but don’t. It’s also easy to look to something or someone to provide for us apart from God.   Feelings tell us nothing about God; only faith rooted in trust speaks to us of who He is.    
I’ve sat in those places of discontentment and worry. I have not trusted God to provide for me. I have allowed fear and worry to direct my steps instead of the sovereign will of God. I still feel like God is trying to get me alone, somewhere deep in my heart, to speak tenderly to me of His love for me.
There are things in my heart that feel locked up in prison cells, not because I’m fearful to go there, but because at times it feels like the enemy is still, “sifting me like wheat.” Maybe you’ve been there too when your heart and mind have a hard time understanding the present season you’re in or why God walked you through the season that He did.
Sometimes, I just want to go home and see Jesus. I long for a life free from pain, tears, anguish, and hurt. I think we all feel that way from time to time. There is a great purpose for us in this life, but praise God that something so great is coming we wouldn’t believe it.
There are days when my heart feels sad because of a deep longing to walk in the fullness of love. A love so free that nothing would oppress me any longer. A love so glorious that I would be able to give it fully and freely to others without a shred of selfishness. I want to give and receive that kind of love.
I don’t think its possible this side of Heaven to experience that kind of love. That’s why I long for that day when God will wipe every tear from my eye. When things like cancer, autism, anger, pride, fear, rejection, mental illness, and betrayal are no longer commonplace. The only thing that will surround us is the freedom to love others and be fully known and loved by God.
As Joseph left Israel, God did not. We must remember that no matter where life finds us, God is there. His love is there to hold us up, carry us and lead us towards victory. No person, circumstance or thing can do what only God can do for us. If my heart is satisfied in the love of God I can have the freedom to carry on with a heart that is full, knowing that a day is coming soon when God will make all things right. I can bank my life upon that.
Lord, you are so good. Why would I even question your goodness even for a moment? Forgive me Lord that I have a hard time accepting things in my life sometimes. Forgive me that my heart wrestles with contentment. I want to live fully and freely in you for your great name. Use me to be a world changer for Jesus I pray, Amen.

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