Seeing Jesus

But we do see Jesus….(Hebrews 2:9)

I have this issue at work. I can never find my keys. They’re always somewhere different. Someone needed them so they’re no longer sitting in the place I last put them or I just can’t remember where I put them. This sends me frantically searching to find them. Until I do, my heart cannot rest.
Sometimes I hit the panic button in my heart when life doesn’t go the way I had hoped. My eyes start searching for something to ease my anxiety so I’ll go scurrying about using my temporal fixes to ease my present worry. Maybe you’ve been there too, where all you can see is the bad in front of you, but not the peace of God in the midst of calamity.
see Jesus
I often think about Jesus, the joy, and delight that sits within His heart await those who would be willing to look for Him. When I was a child and afraid, whenever I found my daddy, I knew I was safe in His arms. When our hearts feel panicked, worried or afraid we need not look further than our Heavenly Father’s arms. There in His warm embrace, He comforts the hurting, bringing joy to a heart wrecked by worry.
Lord, you offer us peace. Today, I look at my Savior. I want to see Him, not my worry, pride or anxiety. I want to live in the fullness of His great love. He is a good, loving Savior. His love for me is all that I need. May I be reminded of that today, in Jesus name, Amen.

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