Let it Burn Within Your Heart

but the word of the Lord endures forever.” ….(1 Peter 1:25).

For a devout first century Jew, one of their highest goals was to embody God’s Torah (the first five books of the Bible). They studied it with pure and utter devotion, most having memorized all five books of the Torah by the time they were a young teenager.
God’s Torah was a flame that sparked inside of them, burning in their hearts to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. The rabbis would say that the highest form of worship was not prayer, but study. When someone studied God they didn’t just connect to God, but they started to understand Him.
Those who knew God’s word and embodied it were people who were worthy of having disciples. Their life, purpose, and pursuits were centered around living out the Torah in a way that honored God in it’s purest form.
In our Christian circles today we often neglect a pure devotion to study God’s word. We have a difficult time embodying who God is because we do not study His word or memorize. Truly, if we want to walk in freedom, we must let His word change us from the inside out.
I think there are many starving Christians. Not starving for a good worship service or a well-polished church program, but starving themselves of the living, enduring word of God. We’d rather listen to a preacher, watch a sermon online or do a topical bible study instead of practicing the discipline of loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Placing His word in our hearts and minds. We do not know how to embody God’s living word, because we have not found it to be a delight to feast upon for our daily bread.
To be a disciple in Jesus’s day meant something radical. It meant giving up your life to take up a brand new one. It meant changing everything about you to become just like your rabbi because you saw how much they loved God and embodied His word. Until we take up our cross and follow our Lord with reckless abandon we will never know what it means to follow Him. We will never fully live in the place of God’s blessing and abundance. We will be people starving for more when a feast awaits us each morning to rise and go with God into His word. The very word that transforms our hearts and minds, giving us a greater understanding of who He is and His love that dances over us.
Lord, I want to be a woman that embodies your word. I long for it to be my greatest delight. Father, sometimes, I forget to apply it to my life, because I become bogged down by the troubles of this world. Father, glorify your name in me. Transform me, I want to be like you, in Jesus name, Amen!

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