I’ve Not Arrived Just Yet

Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did…. (1 John 2:6).

Yesterday I was listening to a sermon from a friend of mine who said, “We have to be careful as Christians not believe that we have arrived. God has created us more for pursuit than for arrival.”
I can remember a number of years ago feeling as though I had arrived. I felt pretty awesome about myself and didn’t think my sin was all that bad. Now, as I’ve grown in my understanding of myself, I notice that sin tries to take me captive more often than I care to admit.
There are many moments throughout the day when a thought flashes through my mind that is completely prideful and self-centered. Jesus calls us out and upward to a brand new life. In fact, the Scriptures say that if we want to claim to be a Christian we must walk as Jesus did. Truly, life is not found in arriving, it is found in pursuit.
The Pursuit of God
This is why so many marriages struggle. One or both parties stop pursuing and just start believing they have arrived because they signed on the dotted line and wear the ring. Our walk with God is one that requires daily humility, pursuit, and daily grace. Grace for ourselves and grace for one another.
If you walk around Jerusalem, even today, you might find some disciples following their rabbi and if their rabbi has a limp, those disciples will walk in the very same manner. To be a disciple means to become just like your rabbi. To walk so closely with Him that His life starts to look like your life. It is an on-going pursuit, a daily sacrifice to die to the old life and take up a brand new one.
I want to walk in a manner so worthy of my rabbi, Jesus, that I start to act like Him in every manner. Yet, I know that this requires a life sacrificed to His refinement with each passing day. One of the main reasons why Christians stall in their faith, have a hard time hearing from God and don’t pursue God’s will is because they stop pursuing the Lord Jesus Christ. There’s no magic formula for growth. However, the heart that stays consistent in its pursuit of God will keep climbing up the mountain with God as they are transformed, more and more into His likeness, in Jesus name.
Lord, I want to be just like you. Yet, I know I have such a long ways to go. Thank you that you are changing me. I can see how much my heart has changed over the past few months. It is truly remarkable. Lord, forgive me for my unbelieving, selfish, prideful heart. Make me more like you as I submit myself as a daily sacrifice to you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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