Finding Significance When You Feel Like You Have None

It is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth…..(Mark 4:31).

It is easy to feel small and insignificant to God. Like our life doesn’t matter or that our role in God’s kingdom work is without purpose. If there is one thing the enemy loves to do its distract us from the work of God in the season and place the Lord has called us to.

As Jesus is teaching, He describes the kingdom of God as a mustard seed. It is the smallest seed, but once planted, it grows and flourishes into a beautiful plant.



Wherever Jesus plants us we must water our lives with His love. His thoughts must be our thoughts. If the devil is directing our hearts and minds what takes precedence is not the will of God, but our own attempts to soothe our worry and pain.

Sometimes I want to be a full spreading plant without having to go through the growing process. God is placing me in a season of growing. A place of nourishing my faith for the growth of my own heart. If we ever want to be effective ministers for the gospel, we must always be planted in the Father’s love, seeking growth from His enduring love.

I cannot, nor will I ever be fruitful for the Kingdom without first being planted in the Father’s love. His joy and delight grow my heart. The result is that I have a beautiful place for others to come and find comfort in the Father’s shade. My life no longer lacks significance, because God takes even the smallest of things and produces a great work in me as I submit myself to the Father’s growing process.

I’m thankful that Jesus takes small things and people like me to grow into a place for others to come and rest in the Father’s shade. You see, our life isn’t about what we can do for God, it’s really about who we become. As we become something brand new for God, we become a place where others find His grace and love for their lives, in Jesus name.

Lord, thank you that no season in life is wasted. Thank you that in the Kingdom I have great purpose. Thank you, Father, that you are growing new life in me. Let me be like a mustard seed. Let it be for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen.

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