he will surely take me to himself….(Psalm 49:15).

Sometimes my life feels overwhelming, frustrating or exhausting. When I get to that point, I’ll call someone I know who will help me process through my frustration. A friend, my sister, mom or dad, someone I know who will offer a listening ear and words of compassion.
In our anxiety, trouble, worry, and fear we must remember that God sees us and He longs for us to come to Himself. To sit in His comfort away from our own chaotic hearts and into His compassion. Before we run to friends, food, TV, money or whatever comfort we choose, we must run into the arms of a loving, compassionate Father. A Father who is kind, generous, loving and merciful.
Sometimes my heart needs to simply turn. To turn towards the Father of truth. To turn away from what I choose to bring joy to my heart apart from the sustaining love of God.
Solomon’s heart turned towards women and it ended up turning his heart away towards God. Although Solomon was known as the wisest man on earth, he had a blind spot. We all have blind spots. This is why we must be humble enough to ask others what they see in our lives that we either can’t or are choosing not to see.
When we turn our hearts to God, we must come to Him with those things we have wrongly held dear. In our repentance, we must return our idols to His control. Finding comfort in His grace, knowing that truly, just to be in His presence is enough.
Lord, truly, you are enough. I want a heart like yours. I know I have blind spots. I know I don’t always run to you and stay there, trusting in your great grace. Lord Jesus, pour out your joy into my heart through your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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