The “Good Advice” Wife

Whoever guards his mouth preserves his life… (Proverbs 13:3).
As a wife, I often feel the pull to “give my husband good advice,” thinking this will somehow bring him to the point that I would like him to be at. Can anyone say, prideful person? Yep, that’s me.
This rarely, if ever works. Finally, I am learning how to pray and let God work in the heart of my husband. This is a difficult lesson for many wives because, for us, we just want someone to tell it to us straight, so we can fix it and make it right.
A nagging wife is like a dripping faucet. It’s like decay to the bones. No husband wants a wife with a flapping mouth always offering her unwelcomed, “good advice.”
I always thought that if someone expressed a concern that they wanted a solution. That’s not always the case. More often than not, people want the space to share their concerns and the silence to let God work in them. Now, as my husband shares, I’ll sit in the silence, maybe offer a supportive word or two and then pray.
What I have seen God do recently has been remarkable. Believe it or not, once we get out of the way of trying to be someone’s Holy Spirit the true Holy Spirit can do his work.
My husband has come to me and said things that were EXACTLY what I had been praying for IN THE SILENCE. As a wife, one of our greatest weapons of warfare, as we come alongside our husband, is to stand beside him in prayer, believing that he can fight the battle and win. He doesn’t need a woman telling him how to always wield the sword or fight the battle for him. He needs a woman who says, “I believe in you, don’t give up.”
Sometimes it’s appropriate to speak truth into our husband’s lives, but only when it’s welcomed or appropriate. If his behavior becomes destructive, by all means, speak up, but if he’s doing his best to seek the Lord and lead your family, let him fail a few times and never give up on him. At the end of the day, he is just a man and he needs your respect, love, and support.
Lord, use my mouth to praise you. Keep it shut when it doesn’t need to be open. Heal my heart so that the words of my mouth follow what you have done inside of me. Jesus, I believe and trust you. You are an all-sufficient Savior. I will praise you. Thank you for my husband. Fill him with your courage, strength, and perseverance as he leads our family, for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen.

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