While You’re Waiting…God is Working

but the diligent feed on the riches of the hunt…. (Proverbs 12:27)

Working hard is always something I have valued in life. My father and mother both modeled to me a hard, honest work ethic. Thanks to my parent’s integrity in the workplace our family was blessed. There was always enough food on the table and provision for our lives.
God is taking me somewhere in my heart. It’s a place of planting, pressing and uprooting. It’s a place where He’s working in me and I’m learning to rest in His garden. I have been tempted to follow something different and flee from the garden of God’s grace, but I hear the Lord say, “Wait, don’t follow that, don’t get ahead of yourself, don’t go looking for satisfaction except for in the comfort of my delight.”
I’ve always said that I love Jesus, but now, I think I’m starting to understand Him because, for the first time, I’m really starting to listen to His voice. I’ll be honest, there were many times prior to this year that I just didn’t want God to do lead me in certain areas of my life. Now, I feel as though my life is an open book in the hand of a loving God. My heart is ready and willing to go, do and become whoever God wants me to be.
I’m starting to understand that the most effective work I can do is to become a new woman through the loving, pruning process of God. Sure, there are times when my flesh rises up and says, “it’s not fair!” A demand for fairness is really an unwillingness to trust in God for the redemption of our situations and our lives.
When I contemplate the journey God has taken me on this past year it is easy for me to see it as a wasted time, a joyless journey and a season of unfairness. Yet, as I submit myself to the pruning process of God I know that He is working diligently to make all things new in my heart and in my life. This is not wasted. This season is a time of blessing as God grows in me a brand new heart. A heart with deeper compassion and love. As we submit ourselves into the garden of God we grow into people that will live lives under His blessing and anointing.
Jesus, you are my joy. I have everything I need in you. Plant me in your garden and grow in me your eternal fruit. I am yours, Lord Jesus, Amen.

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