Just like Judas

Going at once to Jesus, Judas said, “Rabbi!” and kissed him….(Mark 14:45).

What Judas uttered with his mouth, he did not mean in his heart. We too can be just as deceived as Judas. Sometimes we use Jesus as a ploy to get ahead in life. Other times we want to save face in front of others, so we throw up a “God is good” when our hearts are far from believing that is true.
As Judas stood before the crowd who would arrest Jesus he said, “Rabbi,” which in the original language is a title used to honor someone that meant, “my great one, or my great teacher.”
If that were actually the case Judas would have responded quite differently to Jesus if He really believed Him to be such a man of honor. However, in an interesting twist, Judas does show that Jesus is a man of honor, not because of Judas’ words, but because of Jesus’s heart and His actions that ensued after being betrayed.
Jesus did not retaliate. He did not seek revenge. He submitted Himself to the Father and trusted Him with the results. Judas, on the other hand, shows his true character. He revealed the depth of his sinful heart and his duplicity.
More of us are like Judas than we’d like to admit. On a daily basis, I struggle with being a real, honest person, because I’m afraid if I do speak about what I’m dealing with or what I’m struggling with that others will view me as unspiritual or lacking spiritual maturity. More often than not, in the body of Christ, we’d rather save face than be really honest. Jesus sees through our duplicity. He sees into the places that are unsurrendered to His love and just like He did for Judas, He’ll put them on display for others to see, not because He’s some mean vindictive God, but because He wants to change our hearts. In the end, His righteousness will always win out.
Judas’ heart carried him to betrayal. His kiss sealed the deal with the deception that was laced upon his heart and that seethed into his mind. Shortly after Judas realizes his wrong decision. For us, decisions made in rebellion will always have weighty consequences. We should be wise to always be doing an inventory of our hearts so that we can walk in purity before God and others.
This is why its imperative that we live honest lives before others. It’s so important that we share with others the deception that is starting to swim within our minds because if we don’t eventually, it will seek shore within our hearts. Once it’s there, it’s only a matter of time before we act out our deception.
Lord, I know my heart. It loves to look good to others. It loves to protect itself and make sure everything is going to be ok. Many times my heart is led by control and fear. Lord, I want to be led by love. May my heart be led by love today, in Jesus name, Amen.

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