A Death Worth Dying

 And when the centurion, who stood there in front of Jesus, saw how he died, he said, “Surely this man was the Son of God!”…. (Mark 15:39).

Dying daily to myself, this isn’t always something I enjoy. In fact, some days, are extremely painful. As Jesus hung on the cross, He too, experienced a true death to self as He stayed faithful to die so that new life could spring forth. Not just for Him, but for all of us. He was a visible witness of love in action. His obedience in dying was one of the best methods possible for evangelism as one roman soldier is brought to the realization of who Jesus is.
Sometimes my dying isn’t just for me. Sometimes, it’s for the benefit of myself and for others. That’s the dying part I really don’t care for, the one when I have to die for the benefit of others. This is an issue in my own selfish heart that I wrestle with the Lord on.
Yet, when we die, not only does new life spring forth through God’s resurrection power, but new fruit is produced in our hearts as well. Onlookers see this fruit and Lord willing they will say of you, “Surely, this person, is a child of God.” Our visible witness for Christ draws others towards His love as we live it out for others to see.
Jesus, today I will die to myself. Truly, Lord, I am a wretched sinner, but at the same time, deeply loved by you. I owe you everything. I give you everything I can so that you can breathe new life into my heart. Lord, let my life be a visible witness for others to see. I want them to see Jesus. Let it be so, Amen.

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