Traversing a Brand New Journey

but those who walk in wisdom are kept safe…. (Proverbs 28:26).

I like to go on walks. I enjoy taking the same route because it’s familiar and safe. To some degree, it becomes a comfort to me, because I know where I’m going and where my destination will land.
God is taking me on a path that I’m not comfortable walking on. I am learning though, that as I walk, resting in His love and trusting in His grace I am surrounded by His presence. Truly, what our hearts need in the midst of every journey God takes us on is His enduring, steadfast and faithful love. It is not a different path, but a changed perspective. It’s a willingness to let go of what we’ve always known to embrace a different journey, for the changing of our own hearts.
Since the destination of this journey is uncertain to me, the only place I can go that is familiar is into the arms of God. Sometimes we think that our paths are supposed to end in a destination that fixes our problems, but truly, as Christians are paths always lead us towards the enduring, steadfast, faithful love of God.
I am becoming convinced that the presence of God is truly all that my heart needs. I’ll be honest, I fight God on this all the time because I want Him to direct me on paths that feel comfortable. I want to go back onto the paths that I had control over.
Maybe the destination was never supposed to be the job, child, marriage, money, or promotion. Maybe it was always supposed to be His love, but we started treating God like someone to fill all of our wants and desires instead of seeing Him as the one true desire.
Something I have a hard time remembering as a Christian is that I have today. Today, not tomorrow or ten years from now is the time God has given me to live fully alive in His love, to embrace His truth and to traverse His journey for me. This is truly the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Lord, today I will walk in your faithful love. I have today, therefore, I have your hope and your joy. I am surrounded by your faithful, steadfast love. I let go of my journey to take up a brand new life, found only in your love. Lord, let my heart be tethered to yours. Let my journey bring your glory as I submit all of my hopes, dreams, and desires to you. Be my one desire, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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