Friendship that Transforms the Heart

“yet if you see me when I am taken from you, it will be yours—otherwise, it will not…..(2 Kings 2:10).

Elijah and Elisha shared such a close bond with each other that when Elijah was taken up into Heaven Elisha cried out, “my father, my father!” Have we, as Christians, built such close relationships with others that we feel as though we have an extended family within the family of God?
For years I lived as a person who was afraid of sharing my life with others. In my immaturity, I thought that maybe they would look down on me if I shared what was really going on in my heart. This kept me at a distance from people when finally one day someone said to me, “Heather, you only share safe things.” I sat on their statement for a while and realized that I needed to change. I honestly didn’t realize that I was only sharing safe things, but that’s what blindness does to our hearts. It keeps us from seeing the real us with all of our insecurities, fears, and pride.
Elijah told Elisha that if he was close to him upon his departure from the earth he would indeed receive a double portion of Elijah’s ministry. There is a blessing to be enjoyed when we are so close to others that we walk with them through every hill and valley of life’s journey.
If you want to know how well you’re doing in this department find out who’s following close behind you. Look and see who is there next to you not just when it’s time for coffee or a something to do on a Friday night. Who is growing and becoming more like Christ because of your presence in their life? If the list is very short, or non-existent, it probably means that something in your heart is keeping you from fully engaging relationally with others. It means that selfishness or pride is a blind spot in your life that needs to be addressed if you really want to go deep with others.
I am asking God to grow me in this area. I want my life to be surrounded by others who have a shared vision and love for one another and for God. Sometimes, my busy life takes precedence over building these relationships. Other times, it’s my own independence. Then, other times, it’s my own pride that doesn’t want you to know what’s going on in my life. Lord, let my heart be flung wide open for deeper relationships with others, I pray, in Jesus name.
God, I want to have relationships with others that are so close that we share deep moments of pain and joy together. I don’t want to hide from living an open, honest, transparent life before you and before others. Jesus, let my life be one of joy that leads others towards your love. May my greatest investment of time not be in what I do, but in who I invest in. Lord, I need your help to do this. In Jesus name, Amen.

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