God Among The Ruins

When Elisha reached the house, there was the boy lying dead on his couch….(2 Kings 4:32).

Sometimes it’s hard to see God among the ruins. When all seems lost and the building crumbles before us, it can take a very long time to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding once again. Even as we pick up the pieces and start the renovation process the enemy loves to come in with a sledgehammer to try and destroy any work that has been done.
The renewal of our hearts can be an exhausting task. Yet, we must remember that it is not us who restores the heart, but the power of Almighty God. As we join with Him, a ruined life becomes one that is made new. As we persevere, the Lord Jesus joins with us in the renovation process to construct a beautiful edifice that grows first from within our hearts.
Many of us believe that we must focus our time and energy on fixing the outward problem. However, no lasting change happens if we only drop a few pounds, drink a little less or stop trying to be so angry or controlling. At the heart of all of these outward issues lies a deeper reality. It is the reality of a broken heart, lying among the ruins. As the heart lies among the ruins, walls of protection build up around it so that no one can get in. Jesus wants to take us to that place beyond the walls of our own protection, inside the ruin of our own hearts.
When the Shunammite’s son died, she was devastated. She couldn’t believe it. She came to Elisha, begging for mercy. I imagine it was hard for her to see God in all of this. After all, she had been promised a child. Was it not God’s will for her to have a child? Did she receive a wrong word from the Lord or did God have something bigger to accomplish in her heart through it?
I can’t tell you how many times I have thought to myself when life has become difficult, “I must have heard wrong from God.” However, sometimes, God has a bigger plan that uses our pain for a purpose that we cannot see. He sees beyond the ruins. He’s already constructed the brand new building. He’s asking us to simply join Him in the renovation process by submitting to His perfect will and trusting in His plan.
Lord, my faith is weak. I need your grace. I am trusting and believing in your perfect work, but I am impatient. I want results now, but you are asking me to wait. Lord, give me grace in the waiting. May my strength and character grow through difficult seasons. May my heart be submitting fully to your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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