We, Not Me

Have the man come to me and he will know that there is a prophet in Israel.”….(2 Kings 5:8).

Last night, during our experiencing God service at Cornerstone Church the Lord gave me a word to speak. It was one of those moments when my heart started pounding and my mouth started burning. The problem was, I was conflicted with myself as I said to the Lord, “You want me to say what!?!? I really don’t want to do that.”
God has been taking me on this road of humility. It’s a road where my pride is being demolished and my heart is being made new. I know myself, and my tendencies. I know my personality and how I operate. Last night was confirming to me that I could praise God for what He didn’t allow, because had He, I would have gotten in the way of something bigger.
Sometimes God doesn’t reveal the whole picture to us. He simply asks us to walk in faithfulness. He asks us to trust Him not for tomorrow’s needs or two months from now, but for our daily bread.
There has been this thought that has been running around through my head recently that I have had to die too, “but what about me God?” I think in the body of Christ, that is the wrong question to ask. Instead, we should always be asking, “Lord, what do you have for us?” As we submit ourselves to the whole body of Christ we remain accountable to one another. As we lay down our personal wants, dreams, and desires we take up something bigger and greater- the strength of the whole body operating in tandem with one another.
In the church world, we’re quick to call one or two person’s out to complete the vision for the church, but the vision and the giftings of those persons can only go so far, for they are limited in their own selves. The true power of God manifests itself in a body of believers who are working in unity and shared vision with one another. As the body becomes a place where the hand, foot, mouth, and other parts function in solidarity with one another the mission, vision and giftings grow beyond one person and into true Kingdom work.
I am learning, through humility, that the best me is not me, but we, found in a community of believers, within the body of Christ. I have lived most of my life running about, doing ministry for God, bringing others along, but I think I’m learning what living within a shared mission is really supposed to look like instead of just operating in my mission and asking others to join it.
With my mouth burning and my heart pounding, a thought ran through me, “Lord, I don’t want to give way to fear. I don’t want you to send someone else to give this word, so even though I’m hesitant and don’t really want to do it, I will.” I sprung up from my seat, made my way towards the mic, still with my heart pounding within me and spoke.
The enemy of our souls wishes to squelch our gifts, to silence our mouths and keep us ineffective for the King. Don’t le that voice in your head win out over the power of God. Be strong, be courageous, act like a champion and live in the fullness of the power of God. Not for the strengthening of yourself, but for the whole body of Christ.
Lord, I submit all of myself to you, because there is something so much bigger at stake. You are growing me through a season of deep humility. Thank you that I can trust you. Now, as I submit myself to a body of believers, I pray that you would give us unity. That you would give us shared passion and vision for your Kingdom. Lord, I know there is a part of me that doesn’t trust your body. Would you uproot that in me? Would you show me why so that I may live fully alive and submitted to you? That I may have joy in the body knowing that she is for me and not against me, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

One thought on “We, Not Me

  1. awesome word. I still laugh, thinking on those moments, when I said to God ‘ yeaa, I can’t say that’. I have worked through some of that fear and now when I hear a word at church that I also heard in my quiet time, I stand up and say I confirm that word, I heard it as well. I love how the body works. Right now i’m struggling with this thought I heard in a teaching. We think and we feel but when we are in spirit, communicating with God, brain and heart is secondary in our communication with Him. I climb to a place where i don’t think or feel first , so i dont leave room for fear or for me to take over when I hear or speak to God. It will probs be a lifetime goal


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