God Opens Blinded Eyes

And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, LORD, so that he may see.”…. (2 Kiings 6:17).

I know there’s someone that you’re praying for in your life. Someone whose eyes have been blinded. Someone who has walked away from God or has never embraced His love. I know those deep felt prayers that you pray in your heart. Don’t give up on those prayers. God is listening and working.
I am learning that the Christian life is very much about perseverance. Perseverance in prayer, trust, and love. As we persevere through prayer we start to see the miracles of God as our heart starts to be transformed through God’s love.
Doubt is the destroyer of our faith. It creeps in to try and make us believe that our circumstances and the people in them could never change. I don’t believe that. Yes, human will can choose to go against what God desires, but if a person will submit themselves to God’s will, that can move a mountain.
Jesus has a brief and short conversation with a man who begins to doubt. He says to him, “Don’t fear, just believe.” Fear is another one of those destroyers of our faith. Fear tries to convince us that God will not pull through, our circumstances will never change and people will always stay the same. I see a God who transcends all of those things. As we cling to Him He lifts us up out of our unbelief, and into His love.
Faith, belief, trust, joy, contentment, and peace are all such simple words, but in praxis are difficult for the heart to live out. Understand that as you pray, as you submit your will to God, you find joy in less than ideal circumstances because His grace meets you in the hidden places of your heart. Filling your life with His love.
Lord, I don’t always trust you, but today I surrender. I really believe that you can move mountains. You said so, I have no reason to think otherwise. I entrust those hard things in my life to you. I believe that you are a mighty God who can make all things new. I rebuke unbelief and fear in my heart. I cling today to your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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