Take a Look in the Mirror

The older brother became angry and refused to go in…(Luke 15:28).

It’s easy to look at the lives of others and become jealous. It’s easy to sit back, wishing we had their life and not ours. It’s also easy to grow hidden resentment towards that person because they have what you want.
Selfishness is a real issue in the human heart. As jealousy rages, love dies, and self-takes center stage. If you have a hard time listening to someone else’s story without making it about you, then there’s a deep-rooted problem with selfishness in your heart.
The son who did not run off and spend all of his money on prostitutes and wild living was not as righteous as he thought. For truly, he was just as sinful in his own heart and mind. Sometimes, the persons sin I see the most is not my own, but everyone else’s. However, a healthy heart is a heart that first looks into the mirror to see how their own self-has played into the matter. Admitting our own faults first is the first step towards freedom in our lives from things like fear, anger, jealousy, and pride.
Why don’t we have that conversation with someone who has hurt us? Why are we not addressing things as we should? Is it fear? Is it pride? Just because another person does something we don’t like doesn’t mean that our role is now to sit back and complain about. A healthy response would be to lovingly confront that issue with the other person. I have noticed in my own life when I avoid hard conversations its because I’m afraid of what might happen.
There are two people involved in every conversation. We must remember that. Two people with flaws, insecurities, and fears. Two people with their own baggage and brokenness. Sometimes the only bag we pick up is their own baggage, when really the one we need to be unpacking is our own.
Lord, I have issues in my heart, you know this, but I am growing in you. I am impatient. I am fearful and prideful at times. Lord, I want my life to point others to your love. I want it to sing of your mercies that are new every morning. Lord, be my joy today, I pray, Amen.

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