Finding Calm Among the Chaos

But I have calmed and quieted myself….(Psalm 131:2).

Sometimes life becomes chaotic, busy and unstable. I have found in these moments that I have two choices to make; join in the chaos, letting my heart be run by it, or become a calming presence, anointed and filled with God’s love.
More recently in my life, I have been conscious to check my heart in these situations. What I have come to realize is that whenever my heart feels overwhelmed by fear, I always join in the chaos. Fear of what might happen, fear of how this will look to others, fear of what this means for my present circumstances and my future. Fear keeps me stuck in the cycle of chaos.
I have been dying to fear in my life recently. As the Lord has been stripping one thing after another from me for the cleansing of my own heart, I am learning that I must trust Him to send the rain in my life. The rain of His grace and provision. The rain of His love into my heart, that I might become a river of love for the world to see and experience.
As Christians, one of the greatest roles we can play in our world is to be a people that consistently calm and quiet themselves before the Lord, so that people have a safe place to go to find rest for their worried, chaotic souls.
A few days ago the Lord spoke something into my life. He said, “Heather, prepare your fields for rain.” I’ll be honest, I’m kind of over that. I’m really done sitting in this season of cultivation and waiting. I want the rain to come now. However, as much as my flesh wants to fight against God’s timing in my life, I am learning, with great patience, and sometimes with a little kicking and complaining that the only place I can go is into the arms of God, finding rest for my soul.
Today, I will sit with the Father in the fields of my heart, allowing Him to reshape me there. I’ll let Him uproot things in my life and plant new joys and mercies so that in His timing, He might send the rain.
Lord, I want to live as a calming presence for the world of your love. Sometimes, I get distracted. Sometimes, fear overtakes me. I am learning though, that fear is from the enemy and that I have the Spirit of God. I am your child. May my heart and mind be fully satisfied by your love. Oh Lord, let it be! I am yours! In Jesus name, Amen!

4 thoughts on “Finding Calm Among the Chaos

  1. When I was young, the saying was “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Now, the devil seems to work in the opposite way. Life is so busy we don’t have time for God. I know far too many who forgo church on Sunday because “it’s the only day we can sleep in” or forgo religious education because “we have hockey practice and don’t have an evening free.”

    But Jesus calls us to rest. “Come away with me. Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for a while.” Mark 6:31

    Great post reminding us of resting in him.

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  2. When it becomes chaotic, I am still until I start to feel his presence flowing over me like a river, sometimes I don’t feel peace at that exact moment, but peace will come as I wait on him. He knew life wouldn’t be easy down here , especially for Christians, so he left us a friend, to help us . “ The Holy Spirit”.

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