Chaos, Faithfulness​ and Joy

and her faithful people will ever sing for joy…. (Ps 132:16).

A byproduct of faithfulness is joy. It’s the kind of joy that makes the heart grow in love, contentment, and peace. When the world is crumbling around you, nothing can steal your joy. With each step of faithfulness, walked out over time, the heart swells with even greater joy for the things of God. When the enemy comes thrashing at your life he is attempting to destroy your faithfulness. For he knows that if you give way to his destruction, your joy will die. A chaotic, fearful heart amidst difficult circumstances is really a reflection of a life that does not understand the heart and character of God.
There is a season I am walking through that I do not understand. It is confusing and painful. The thought of what could be is devastating. Yet, in my heart, I sense the peace of God. Why? Because that’s what I have been planting there for months. When God strips us of all we hold dear, He’s giving us an opportunity to plant new things in the garden of our lives. Things like trust, faithfulness, and obedience. I am learning that the greatest witness I can be for Christ is not when I am doing things for God, but who I am becoming in the quietness of the morning, being planted in His love as I commune with Him.
As God grows our heart through our sweet time with Him our spiritual readiness flourishes because of our faithfulness. Now, when the time comes to stand we do not waver in unbelief, fear or anxiety, because we trust the one who has us in the palm of His hand.
Does my heart still wrestle with the why, how and what? Yes, of course, but the only place I can land my heart is in His arms. Fear, bitterness, anger, resentment, and shame call me to land my heart in their distress, but I will not because only destruction lies there. I will die in the hands of my maker, for truly when I do, He resurrects me with joy from His vineyard of grace for the newness of my own heart.
Lord, I do not understand, but I believe. I believe that you are good. I believe that no matter what life brings me I can trust you. You are so good. My heart, my life, take it all, for it belongs to you. Abba, daddy, please fill my heart today with what I have been planting in it. For those who have planted anger, bitterness, and fear into their hearts, Abba, I pray that they might embrace your love instead. Let it be so, I pray, In Jesus name, Amen.

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