Betrayal and Forgiveness

Yet it was the Lord’s will to crush him…(Isaiah 53:10)

Betrayal is a terrible thing. It is deeply crushing to the soul and it requires the furthest extent of forgiveness. It is an awful reality in the lives of people who live in a broken world.
Divorce, adultery, abandonment, abuse, giving false witness about someone, having a friend turn their back on you. Many of us, if not all, have experienced some form of betrayal or it has come knocking at our door or of someone we love deeply.
It requires the furthest extent of forgiveness.
I have been contemplating this thought recently. Mercy says I forgive you. Grace says, now come and dine with me at my table.
Grace is truly the furthest extent of forgiveness.
Grace is not something I always want to extend. I want to hold onto anger. Yet, the Lord Jesus beckons me to come and be crushed for Him, not letting people walk all over me, but letting my own demand for justice be crushed out of me. Some of us are waiting to forgive a person until they ask for it in the way that meets our expectations. We must choose love, grace, and forgiveness, regardless. Even if their repentance doesn’t meet our expectations. Maybe they never repent, we must choose to let it go.
We must release our own desire to have justice in our way be crushed out of us so that the Lord Himself might fill our hearts with His love. This doesn’t always mean that we become best friends with that person once again, but we cannot justify storing up bitterness and resentment towards a person if we are to live as Christians fully alive int he Lord Jesus.
Lord, today I will walk in grace. To forgive at the fullest extent. To be wise and walk in love. Abba, daddy, you love me. I have you, therefore, I have enough. For those who have hurt me, I forgive them, to the fullest extent. To those I have hurt, I pray they would offer me grace. For truly, I am a sinner in need of love too, in Jesus name, Amen.

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