Silence the Crowd in Your Heart

But the chief priests stirred up the crowd…(Mark 15:11).

There is a crowd in all of our hearts. Many voices that try to stir up things within us that lead us to do unthinkable things. If we feed those voices they become louder than the voice of truth. It is no wonder we stray from God’s path so often. We cannot seem to hear His voice above the rest, because we have allowed the enemy to stir up the crowd within our heart.
The Lord Jesus Himself was a man who lived in peace, not chaos, in trust and not doubt, in unity and not discord. His heart was never stirred because His vision was always set. It was set upon the cross. The place of death and dying, so that God Himself, might resurrect and usher in new life. Many of us cannot seem to keep our eyes fixed upon the cross, because we do not want to experience any type of pain, so we try to manipulate and control our lives to keep us free from those things. Truly, this is an impossible task.
The Lord has been challenging me in my life to stay put. To stay obedient and trust the course. I’ll be honest, some decisions I have made recently as I have been walking with the Lord have made my life harder. Yet, I heard the Lord say to me, “Heather, prepare your fields for rain.” That means I must till up the soil in my heart. That means, things might get harder, but eventually, as we cling to the Lord Jesus, His bounty comes. I am experiencing that in my life. I am seeing the fruit of staying put in His vineyard of grace.
Truly, He is full of good things for us. Sometimes the good comes after a time of testing. A hard and difficult season that breaks us, not because God is mean, but because He is making us new. There are old patterns of sin that I have stirred up time and time again my heart that needs to die. As I sit in the kindness and grace of my Father my heart can finally find rest, in Jesus name.
Lord, so often my heart gets stirred up because I allow fear to guide me more than faith. I get worried, anxious and overwhelmed. I don’t think it when the journey gets harder, but you ask me to stay put and stay faithful, so Lord, send forth your rain, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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