Find Joy in the Journey

in the morning I lay my requests before you

and wait expectantly….(Psalm 5:3).

There have been seasons in life when I have seen my walk with God as drudgery. As if it was only me surviving through one painful experience to the next. Because of my limited vision, I lacked the desire to see the goodness of God in the midst of circumstances I did not care for or understand.
The problem is not with my circumstances. Truly, it is with my heart. I have grossly misunderstood something about God if I see Him as only someone who seeks to cause me suffering. Do we suffer? Yes, we do, but that is not the whole picture. It is not all God has for us. It is true that God allows suffering into our lives. It is also true that He does it for redemptive purposes. To accomplish something bigger in our lives that we would never experience apart from it.
I’ll be honest. This is a tough one for me. To see the goodness of God in life right now and to praise Him for what He’s doing. Too often I see my circumstances as drudgery. I have allowed my own heart to see Him as someone who just wants me to suffer. Oh Lord, forgive me for my own unrighteous attitude!
I am learning what it means to praise, rejoice and be glad in all circumstances. Whether I am well fed or hungry, am in plenty or in want. I can’t say I’m all the way there, but I am asking God to give me a perspective centered on life-giving joy. I long to parade his joy to the world, so that they might see that God is eternally and forever faithful. His works are truly wonderful and I long for my heart to sing those praises in every circumstance.
Is God blessing my life? Yes, He is and there is something in that to praise Him for. I see the hand of God working for me on my behalf. His crushing has come so that His new wine might be poured out into my heart and through my life.
Lord, you are good. Thank you for your hand of blessing on my life. Thank you for how you have taken care of me. Thank you for what you’re doing in my life. You are faithful. You are love, life, and peace. Abba, daddy, you are my joy. Let your joy be written upon my heart today, so that the world might read of your love when they see me, in Jesus name, Amen.

One thought on “Find Joy in the Journey

  1. I don’t want you to think I’m some mindless post liker, every day I feel as though you are taking a page out of my own mind or quiet time. Today where I said no, I won’t even read her blog today because I don’t want to find joy in the journey right now. Ha. What I realized was that when I don’t have a prophecy or prophesying, I get a little weak. I’m like an Elijah, woe is me let me run for my life. I wanted to see god in my circumstance or then yesterday I’m like fine, no breakthrough let me blame you for my suffering.. its the worst back and forth because it goes nowhere except further from Him. But the word came, It’s not my job to see God, I can’t see God, Jesus said no one sees God but the father, there are literal angels who are right next to Him, and they have wings just to cover their faces. What I can do is enjoy and abide in His presence. He’s not Zeus that I associate him with thunder or Aphrodite that I associate him with love, He’s YAHWEH, I AM. and just because I was too human, that i needed more than the plenty He gives me. He’s given me a face, He gave me Jesus. Anyway, this long life story to say, thanks for the share!


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