A Blurred Mind….But We Have the Mind of Christ

But we have the mind of Christ…..(1 Co 2:16).

Sometimes my mind feels blurry. Sometimes I feel a bit uncertain about the decisions that I need to make. I know, in these moments, its because I’m holding onto something I don’t want to let go of. It’s because, in my mind, what matters most is not what Jesus is telling me, but what I hope He’ll let me keep.
Many of us, myself included have blurred minds and worried hearts because the Spirit is trying to stir something in us that our pride is trying to stifle. Following Jesus is a matter of laying down our human pride, giving up our need for control and being very honest about our motivations.
Sometimes my motivations have very little to do with Jesus and a whole lot to do with me. This is why I need wise council and friends who are willing to speak hard truths into my life. People who are willing to go with me into the hard places of my heart to help me see God’s truth in the midst of my blurred and worried mind.
Jesus, I want to lay down all of my life. Truly, it is a sacrifice. I want to live fully alive in you. Abba, daddy, you make me new. You restore until me the joy of my salvation. You are a good, loving and faithful God. I will praise you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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