Growing in God When He Gives No Suitable Answer to Your Pain

guilty people, whose own strength is their god.”….(Hab 1:11).
Sometimes it feels as though my strength is all worn out. I keep being put in these places in life where I have nothing left to offer, but Jesus. There’s this place God is taking me in my life that is displaying His power and glory because, without it, I’d crumble.
I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that He is a strong tower. I know that the righteous run to Him and are safe. I know that He restores, redeems and makes new. Therefore, I am pressing hard in His grace. These are not just words I read. They are words I am experiencing in my life. They are words that I am clinging to and believing with all hope.
Truly, without my faith, my life would be lost in a world of negative thinking and despair. With the enemy encamped on all sides, I’m standing tall, because God makes me strong. The Lord Jesus Himself, my defender, is meeting me in ways I have never dreamed. Truly, I am becoming a brand new woman. A woman ready to receive the new mercies of God for my life every morning. A woman desiring the truth and grace of the Lord Jesus to cover her life and redeem all those pieces the enemy set up to kill, steal and destroy.
Yesterday, a friend said to me, “Heather, you are a very strong woman.” Truth be told, I am a broken woman, who knows nothing but Christ her Savior. In my brokenness, I see the risen Savior and His love for me. I have never seen Him in this way before because I was busy finding fulfillment in other things. Now, for the first time, He has stripped it all away to demonstrate to me His power and goodness for my life.
I keep asking for justice, and although no suitable answer is given, I have God’s daily grace. The kind of grace that makes my heart glad, because the love of God satisfies my soul. Like a rushing river, His love fills me, so that I can share in His sufficiency with others. Truly He does things for our benefit, against all hope.
The faith of the righteous is made pure in the fire. The fire of cleansing. Yes, it hurts, but it cleans out, burns away and makes new.
Abba, daddy, you make all things new. Truly, I can trust you with all of my life. You are making something new out of me that I would not believe. IT’s going to be something so glorious that the world will stop and say, “The Lord, He is alive in that woman.” Yes Lord, let it be so. I long for the world to see your love alive in me, in Jesus name, Amen.

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