A Growing Invitation

and the birds perched in its branches…(Luke 13:19).

The more we grow in Christ the more our lives should operate as an invitation to them to come and find shade in the love of God growing in our hearts. As we grow in love, our lives produce lasting fruit and others come and find a place to rest their hearts as we offer them the satisfying joy of Christ that flows from our heart.
Spiritual maturity has very little to do with head knowledge, but everything to do with the expansion of our heart, that grows in God’s love. As our heart swells and expands with His love we become a spreading tree of His grace to the world around us.
The older I get the more I realize what I want in life is not a tree full of my own accomplishments, but a place for people to come and know my story and for me to know there’s. As birds chirp up in the sky suspended upon branches of a flourishing tree, so can our lives sing the song of God’s love with others as we share our lives with them.
Wild Wonders / Photo Competition 2012 / WISSENSCHAFT
A crow eats away at flesh. They do not desire to sit up in a spreading tree, singing songs of praise. When darkness falls upon our hearts we focus our best energies on appeasing our flesh. Satisfying the flesh reaps destruction. No one desires to be around us, because in our sin, we eat away at them too.
Lord, may my life invite people in to come and find rest in the Savior’s love. Jesus, be my joy. You are the beat of my heart. You are the one who is the greatest joy in all the world. May my life operate as a spreading tree for the world to see the fruit of Christ produced in my life, in Jesus name, Amen.

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