The Greatest Work God Can Accomplish in Your Life

establish the work of our hands for us….(Psalm 90:17).

Sometimes the work God has for us to simply be at rest in His love and receive from His hand. The joy of the Lord comes as we feast at His table. Sadly, we believe we are most productive when we are, “doing something for God.” Yet, there is work to be done within our hearts that requires us to sit, listen and be fed by the Lord of love.
I am learning that what needs the most work is not “ministry,” but my own heart. My most effective time spent is not in accomplishing something great, but simply, learning how to rest in the Father’s love. There’s something there, in His warm embrace that is the greatest joy I have ever experienced. It is His love dancing over me that makes my heart spring to life in the shadows of His grace that cover my heart from the enemies attack.
It’s there, in His presence that I am overwhelmed not with what I can do for God, but that He chooses me to sing and dance over. It’s the love of a Father with endless grace. It’s a simple love that asks me to sit still and be fed by His love.
Lord, I am your daughter. Truly, that is enough for me. I am found in your love. Thank you for setting me free. Thank you for making me new. Jesus, you are the world’s greatest joy. I long to see you today, but what I want most is more of you in my life. I cannot live without you. Jesus, be my joy, Amen!

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